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No one told Pollock to make the logo bigger

Firstly, I’ve lifted the title for this post from a post on The Bleat. Just wanted to get that out there. It’s one of those examples where someone else has already summed up how you feel about something and no matter how hard you try you just couldn’t really improve on it. The reason for [...]


The Umbilical Brothers have a kids’ TV show called The Upside Down Show. I’ve never really been big fans of the UBs, who as far as I could tell made a living out of making squelching noises into a microphone, but for kids TV, they’re excellent. They have this thing at the start of every [...]

Locked out

Has anyone seen my keys? Sunday night… they were in an empty tissue box. Nearly put them out with the recycling.

Microsuck II

Can anyone tell me why, when I open a Word document, type nothing, delete nothing, but merely scroll down a bit, then close the document, does it ask me if I want to save changes?


We’ve all been stuck down with the dreaded gastro virus currently working its way around town. It hit Little Miss M first, then Miss L, then C & I came down with it last night. I was in the bathroom most of the night wanting to throw up but not being able to. But I [...]


I was watching House last night and there was this storyline about a woman who had synaesthesia. Synaesthesia is a completely cool disorder some people have where stimulation of one sense can trigger perception in others. An example might be if you hear or taste something and sense a certain colour, or you might think [...]

Free pacman

Job search is in full swing. Though I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to procrastination. I just tried to log in to my preferred careers/jobs web site only to find they’re down for maintenance for 30 minutes. Graciously though, they put up a page telling you this, and give you a game of [...]