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No freebies?

How disappointing. I went to Haigh’s this arvo to buy some more Caramel Chocs (C loves them, so instead of flowers, I get her luxury chocoates). There was not a soul in the store and three people behind the counter. I brought my purchase to the counter and the girl expertly wrapped them in the [...]

What’s your vector, Victor?

For the discerning among you who know that raster images aren’t Bob Marley posters: VectorMagic | The Online Tool for Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion It’s quite good. And it’s free. Gotta love the internet.

You’re fired

So, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Yes, it’s hard rubbish collection this week and we’ve put our old Prime Minister out on the kerb. I think it’ll be going into landfill before too long. Someone has already picked up Miss L’s old chair: the one with food stains, drink stains, [...]

More champagne*

It’s like waking up from an 11-year nightmare. I remember after the last election coming into work on Monday morning and the collective feeling of deflation, defeatedness and just not knowing the fuck what the rest of the country must have been thinking… I was seriously considering a move to New Zealand. Now, I’m as [...]

Deck the halls

Here in .au, Halloween isn’t really that big, we don’t have thanksgiving and Guy Fawke’s night smouldered and eventually went out in the early 80s when you ceased to be allowed to buy fireworks over the counter. (Not sure if other .aulians celebrated that one much or if it was just my family on account [...]

Black kettles

I both admire and loathe Alexander Downer. I admire that he’s educated and articulate and very well able to make a point; however I loathe that he seems unable to do so without coughing up a torrent of ad hominem invective. I was driving home tonight listening to PM. (Not to the PM: to the [...]

The way things invariably go

I was well ahead this morning. So I spent some time dithering and procrastinating. And now I’m behind.

Once bitten?

I cleaned out the garage on the weekend. And when I say I cleaned it out, I mean I took the boxes that were against that wall and put them in a big stack over there. I realise this doesn’t necessarily qualify as cleaning out but the spot I moved them to was thoroughly swept [...]


I bought two pairs of shoes this week. I haven’t really splurged on shoes since… well, ever. But I was due. I’ve noticed that post-ankle operation, things weren’t really improving as much as I would have liked and I only had one pair that didn’t cause me to ache after extended wear. I had a [...]

Stout is good for you

There’s a health food eatery not too far from where I work. It’s not one of those places that has buckets of oats and barley out the front, it’s a place to go for lunch where they have heaps of home-made stuff, but really nicely cooked. I suppose not all of it’s “good for you”… [...]