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I was tagged by Cellobella to write seven weird things about myself. I assume they have to be true (it’d be too easy otherwise, I suppose). I have metal plates in my face. I had a tripod fracture of the left cheekbone during a game of Ultimate. Then that tryhard, James Hird had to go [...]

I drew this

I’m not much of cartoonist but I had this idea and it could only really be done as a cartoon, or a comedy sketch (which are much harder to blog, so you get the cartoon). Ask if you need me to explain it.

Toilet humour

There’s a long-standing joke, or idea or something that when a man goes to the toilet in a public urinal, if there’s someone already there, he will stand as far away as possible from the other person. I’m sure this forms the basis of many second-rate stand-up comedians’ material: “If he’s standing at one end, [...]

Are those sirens?

That bushfire down the road is a little bit worrying. Sure, it’s a few kms away and headed in the opposite direction. But it’s just down the road. Action stations… I’m going to pack a few bags, just in case. Later… 22.52 Well, I never thought we’d have to flee and luckily I was right. [...]

Holidays are a lot like life

Well… you hang out with friends and family, go to some interesting places and maybe have some nice stuff to eat and generally have a nice time. Then, when it’s over,¬†you’re in hell, working for the devil for all eternity.


I saw an ad for that new Will Smith movie, where he’s literally the last man left on earth. At least, he is in the ads; he probably meets someone else about halfway through so the movie has some kind of plot. It’d be pretty dull otherwise: get up, eat canned food for breakfast, go [...]


Holidays are great. So far, in the past three weeks, we’ve had Christmas at two places, been away for New Year’s and did some fab daytrips on the Yorke Peninsula. I’ve shot a wedding and am getting some real work done clearing space on my hard drive (long story short, I had two drives, one [...]

New year’s resolution: 1280 x 960

Most people, or a lot of people I know in the culture I grew up in, tend to ring in the new year by consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverage, progressively making bigger and bigger idiots of themselves, scrambling around at 11.57 because they can’t find a radio or TV broadcast that is transmitting the [...]