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See? It really does kill

I know the guy died, so I don’t want to sound nasty or cold or whatever, but I just can’t get my mind to bridge that gap between the government spending billions of dollars trying to persuade us not to speed, the money spent promoting a “sporting” event where people hop into supercharged cars with [...]

Internet and not internet

The red internet light came on, I think it was Tuesday night. It happens from time to time but usually fixes itself up after a few minutes. Like a watched pot though, you have to go into another room for a few mintues before you can come back and find the green light back on. [...]

Work and not work

I finally broke the back of the bastard project I’ve been working on for the last month. In my department, we’re not supposed to be responsible for the accuracy of the information in this particular part of this particular project; the info is supposed to be correct when I get it. But once again, I [...]

Wonders and their unceasingness

Posted by mobile phone:This morning, for the first time, I think ever, I saw a BMW using its indicator. I had always just assumed they didn’t work.

Allocated seating

Posted by mobile phone:I’m on the train. I usually get in the front carriage but tonight I’m getting off at a different stop so I’m sitting in the rear carriage… And I don’t recognise anyone.


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m very, very sorry.

Worst $12.50 I ever spent

My beeper/unlocker car thingy stopped working. So the other day I found myself walking past a locksmith, then walking back and walking in and asking if they could put another battery in. It cost me $12.50, which I thought was a little expensive but hey, putting a key in a lock and turning it… sorry, [...]