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y’know… just stuff

I’ve been on holiday. It was lovely, thank you. Curiously though, the seasons seem to have changed while we were gone. My mind’s been full of other stuff too, over the past week, none of it here-related. Working on other stuff. Lots of other stuff. Thought I should at least log in and write something [...]


Fucking heatwave has warped the neck of my guitar. That’s it, I’m checking the insurance policy.

If this is it (oooo-wah)

Well thank fuck that’s over. Adelaide has just had the longest heatwave ever known in the history of temperature, with 15 days straight of over-35° weather. So now that it’s not going to be that hot for another 3000 years, here’s a list of recent commonly used expressions I never want to hear again. “How [...]

Heatwaves suck arse

Posted by mobile phone: I got up an hour ago. Not just because of the heat either. Too much rubbish floating around in my head; there needs to be some kind of vacuum attachment that goes right up your nose to suck all those festering thoughts out. Oh, there goes the alarm… And of course [...]

Ball sports and insects

Little Miss M said “there’s tennis”. I asked where She said in the mud. I said “In the mud?” “Yeah, there’s tennis in the mud. I can hear them.” I think she meant crickets

Hey, nice grass

I was involved in a wedding today. While the nuptials part of it is largely irrelevant, it did involve pre-dinner drinks at, and on, the Adelaide oval. There were a bunch of private-school boys involved as well. Honestly, if I’d heard the words “hallowed turf” one more time, I was going to glass someone.

ICE, ICE, baby

Expect this to show up in your inbox some time soon. I can’t be sure of its provenance, but it’s a good idea anyway. Message from NSW Ambulance Service We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than if we were to be involved in an [...]

My feet hurt

It’s a three-way staring competition between me, them, and the painkillers.