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…and then, this morning

As I was running for the train, the fucker dropped out of my bag. So if anyone would like either a) a recently refurbished and button-flattened SE K800i, or b) to return said recently refurbished button-flattened SE K800i to me there’s one laying in the grass at the bottom of Hawthorndene Drive, just near where [...]

Button problems

I had to take my mobile phone back to the shop recently to have it fixed. It’s a K800i and the joystick was doing all sorts of weird shit, mostly registering a ‘centre’ button press whenever I was trying to push ‘down’. It went in just before Easter. They said it would be two weeks. [...]


When you buy airline tickets online, they always seem to charge you more than the sum total of the price there + price back fares. I just booked my flights to Melbourne next month (well, one flight to Melbourne, the other one to back here) and they charged me a ‘paying by credit card’ charge, [...]

You know you’re a parent when…

Sunday night, watching TV with C. Richard Roxborough’s girlfriend has just arrived from London. They’re having a conversation. C: What have I seen her in? Me: Playschool. C: Yeah, that’s it.

You go to the toilet, I’m trying to edit.

I’m working on a really big project right now. It’s a bastard. Lots of text, lots of pages, lots of people who need to be sure that a lot of the text on a lot of the pages says what they want it to say. I’m in the middle, trying to make sure it says [...]

Holgr #1

Have just updated my first (successful) roll of shots from my Holga to Flickr. (The first roll of film was over a decade old so results weren’t exactly publishable). Check it out.

You know the rules and so do I

I just found out what rickrolling is. Fuck, that’s funny.

Walk like a man

I think that sometimes you just have to resign yourself to the fact that you’ll never understand some people, and that that’s OK. I was walking through the city today and saw a person with long hair, wearing a dress and makeup, who clearly was a male. Usually you can tell by the jawline or [...]


As I drove across town last night, I was in endless pursuit of something decent to listen to on the radio. Y’know… when you’re in that mood and you don’t want to listen to news or talk, you just want to find something you like, maybe even something a little cheesy, that you can belt [...]


There’s a growing number of people joining in protest over the Olympic games, soon to be held in China. I, for one, would like to add my voice to the chorus. I think the upcoming Olympic games should not only be boycotted by athletes everywhere, but be cancelled outright. Not so much for any political [...]