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I’m probably not the first person this has ever happened to but I’ve had a few friend requests on a certain social networking site recently from people who, frankly, I don’t even really know. I’m talking little brothers of friends or girlfriends I had when I was in high school. I’m not exactly over the [...]


TC recently mentioned that her first job was as a checkout chick back in the days when you paid, and got paid, in cash. My first job was as a paperboy. I’d get up at the crack of too-early-to-be-out-of-bed, ride my bike across town, pick up 100 newspapers, ride to a different part of town, [...]

I knew it was too good to be true

Just did my eTax thing for the 07/08 financial year. Looked like I was in for a pretty big refund for a minute there. Then I remembered I had a HECS debt. …did I say ‘refund’?

Between Marx and Marzipan

A few weeks ago, the household was taken over by Herbie-mania. This past week it’s been Poppins fever. When all the new releases have been taken out, you have to trawl through the weeklies and find something worth watching. This was. I think it’s one of the lines of Mary in the movie, she says [...]

A night to myself

Things I was going to do tonight tweak template some overdue photoshop work subsequent posting to flickr listen to new tunes play the bass guitar play the electric (non-bass) guitar play the acoustic guitar if it’s not too loud and might wake the kids drink Guinness, eat twisties and dark chocolate Things I’ve done so [...]

More on QR

So after writing yesterday about QR codes, I went to the letter box (I almost typed litter box then but had backspaced before I realised how apt it sounded) and got the junk mail. Among the specials on minced beef, cordless drills and label makers, there was a Tel$tra flyer, spruiking their (or should I [...]

QR as…

I discovered the very useful QR codes the other day. They’re a bit like barcodes, indeed they’re a type of bar code, only not so bar-like as actual bar codes, which seem to be composed solely of bars. These are two-dimensional bar codes, whereas barcode barcodes are only one-dimensional (when you think about it). The [...]

Please, no more naked kiddies (the wowsers are getting off on it)

Sometimes I get a bit riled up and do a bit of a dissertation on some current affair or other. It’s usually something that’s been in the media a while, usually to saturation point and I get a bit sick of that and feel compelled to share my oh-so-unique insights on it.I would do this [...]