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Maybe the Olympics weren’t so bad…

TV is so shit right now. It’s Sunday night and C is flicking between Dancing with People Who Can’t and Oz Idol. There was just a bit in Idol, where they were telling a big girl that she was about to get through and were kind of quizzing her on her weight. Can she take [...]


Thanks, everyone, for the heads-up on the almost complete inoperability of this blog. I recently upgraded WordPress and it seems to be completely stuffed. So that’s great, isn’t it… 11.49 am …aaaaand we’re back

$20 mil? Anyone?

A message to any would-be spammers out there. If you’re going to try the can-I-deposit-20-mil-into-your-account ruse, claiming to be some guy from Hong Kong, it’s not a good idea to send another email, two hours later, trying the same trick, this time pretending to be a mourning daughter from Wales, from the same email address. [...]


The closing ceremony of the Olympics has just started and I’m tempted to liveblog the whole thing. I’m tempted; I should do it just for the exercise. But there are reasons for not doing it. In no particular order: I’ll have to put the sheets on the bed at some point It would be like [...]

Really saying something

The aggravated rumbling of wheeling the bins out to the kerb is probably the most profound statement I’ve made this week.

Four years on…

I was thinking about writing a post on the Olympics until I realised I did that four years ago. Here, and here. Only the city has changed, really. And last night I watched handball.

20D pinhole fun

This week, I’ve been dabbling in pinhole photography. I was looking for something in a shoebox in the shed the other day and I found a bodycap for my EOS 50. “Great,” I thought, “I can drill a hole in that!” For some reason, I thought I’d have to put it on my film camera [...]


The ABC series The Hollowmen has only been running, what, five weeks? But it’s already become the journalistic cliché for all comparison to the goings on in government. There was a comparison in the Australian yesterday by Caroline Overington in her opening paragraph. I’ve heard or read countless comparisons in the last few weeks. Hell, [...]

China, shmina

I’m a little disappointed by the opening ceremony. I mean, if they wanted to compete with Sydney as being the best olympics ever, I’d at least have expected pandas on bikes.

Geek monkey

It’s not often I spruik software (or anyware) but I’m loving Media Monkey. I’ve thought for a while (as long as I’ve had an mp3 player that’s not an ipod) that there should be an easier way to contain a music library and synchronise songs and podcasts with my K800i. I don’t like itunes (for [...]