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Big jobs

I went on leave today. I have two whole weeks of anything other than work to look forward to. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and it’s almost a little scary how quickly it’s come around. Most of this week, I’ve even been in holiday mode: not getting too stressed about things, [...]

Bankers, with a capital C.

…aaaaand  we’ve just come off our fixed home loan rate to the standard variable, sending our monthly repayment through the stratosphere. So now I can’t actually afford the shoes. Probably not this year. Anyway, there probably would have been some kind of penatly fee for buying something in a foreign currency.

Unsociable habits

These are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. I can just imagine a hardened lecturer wearing a tight Tshirt with one of these held to their shoulder under the sleeve, and some junior tutor coming up to them in the refectory asking “Hey buddy, can I bum a Kafka?”

Rollin, rollin, rollin…

I get the Belair line train into the city most mornings. I met a work colleague at the station this morning and we got in the train together and were having a nice chat about work stuff; boring but interesting. The Adelaide public transport system, the rail network in particular, has a bit of a [...]

Lost and found

I was walking across town last night after work to meet my SO for a ride home. I was carrying my Holga, in case anything of photographic significance should have made itself apparent to me, and was trying to put my headphones on (or in) at the same time. My headphones are the in-ear type, [...]

A Handful of Dust

I don’t normally do book reviews. I don’t normally do reviews. When everyone was jostling for publication in the student union magazine in my uni days, everyone just wanted to write reviews so they could hopefully snag free CDs and shit. I thought that was a bit transparent so never really bothered even trying to [...]

Shoe fetish (US customers only)

I hate buying shoes. I may have mentioned that before. With the bad ankles and the orthotics and the walking and the needing support and rigidity in some places and flexibility in others. I’ve been out again, trying on different pairs of shoes, buying them, taking them home and realising they don’t fit that well [...]

Sorry, Dad

Bugger, I spent so much of today actually being a dad: feeding kids breakfast putting DVDs on for them while I tidy putting snot-covered doona covers in the wash grounding one of them telling her she’s not going to the show this year tidying their room because she wouldn’t taking the other one to the [...]

(Cynical attempt to) fool media

A recent article in The Australian accuses the Australian Federal Police of releasing a story when “half the country’s media” was on strike. Now, fair call; it does seem a bit suss but the criticism is a bit rich. Obviously, the story wasn’t buried. At least one astute reporter picked it up. He asks in [...]