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Time I checked in

As I said a while ago, I’ve been neglecting this space but there has been much going on at chez Drew over the past few weeks. The upshot of it all is that a few hours ago, I handed in my notice to my current employer. There has been no real bad feeling regarding seeking [...]

Devil’s advocate

This story, about a man flying a Nazi flag in his front yard has caught my attention. At the risk of contributing more to the obvious offence that something like this would cause, I really can’t see a problem with it. I have pretty strong civil libertarian leanings: people should be pretty much free to [...]

Suddenly rather tired

I’ve been neglecting this blog of late but with reason. Full-on job-search mode has been the order of the day, so every spare minute has been spent putting together a profession folio site. I had an interview this morning, which was a good motivator in getting the site up, so all I had to do [...]


I know there’s a drought, and that, technically, it’s probably illegal to hose down the concrete around your house, but I don’t think what my daughter just smeared on the path is the kind of thing you can clean up with the blower-vac.

New take on an old gag

Overheard at morning tea today: “I don’t want two pieces of cake!” “That’s not two pieces; it’s one piece cut in half!”