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Now that I’m in another job that actually requires me to do anything other than a) sit around waiting for my supervisor to give me something to do, or b) figure out what I want to take photos of this week, or c) drink coffee and surf the net and wait for something to land [...]

Mobile internet: a good thing?

I love that I can post to my blog from on the train, or anywhere I might happen to be with my phone and half decent reception. When you throw alcohol into the mix however, it may not be such a good idea to give an idiot like me unfettered access to the realms of [...]

Indulge me

While I mostly blog just for myself, it sometimes would be nice to have a few more readers. There are times, such as a few minutes from now, when I’d like to be able to ask a group of people something so it would be good to have a decent sample size. What’s been on [...]

Incisive hat-tip

I’ve just fallen in love with Erin Kissane at for doing, on a much more regular basis, that which I never really had time to do over at Grammar Nazi. I especially love her coining of the word English-ish, which so economically describes most of what we read in business and marketing communications. It [...]

Happy halloween

Little Miss L turned six last week. This meant that a party to celebrate such a milestone would naturally fall on the weekend. Friday being Halloween, it seemed natural to combine the two occasions with a creepy All Hallows Eve/Birthday party. C was a trooper in getting most of the organising done. She’s rather a [...]