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It ain’t broke (but it ain’t fixed either)

This week marked my auspicious return to the volleyball court. I had forgotten which year it was that I last slipped on the knee pads but due to the magic of putting a lot of work into writing a blog since 2003, I can simply go back in time and see that my operation was [...]

The shoe’s on the other foot now

Payday is Monday, so in the preceding weekend, things sometimes get a bit tight. We banked a cheque on Wednesday which was supposed to have cleared by this morning. It hasn’t. I called the bank, who have admitted a “processing fault”. So I just emailed them this: Dear Co******alth Bank, I have just been speaking [...]

Rush hour

I used to work in the city. And yeah, I already mentioned this in a post. It’s just that it weighs so heavily on my mind, I’m hoping that writing about it will be a little cathartic. Mornings are all go in our house. There are kids to get up and dressed, lunches to pack, [...]