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Reasons I’m not a bogan

Someone asked if I’d be offended if I were called a bogan. It’s hard to say yes without sounding arrogant or elite, or at least something resembling classist. But here’s a list. Call me what you will. I don’t like football I don’t drink iced coffee (that’s important in South Australia) I don’t drive with [...]

A funny thing that happened while I was naked

So this morning, I was about to hop in the shower, and so, y’know, I was undressing (control yourselves, ladies). I slipped off my tshirt and put it down, then I pulled down the briefs and let them fall to my feet. Now, you know that trick you do, where you take one foot out [...]

More on hurting teeth

Can’t believe I’ve had this blog for howevermanythefuck years and I never invented a health category. Anyway, the wisdom tooth is gone but the reminder of its departure still weighs heavy and the very real pain lingers, as though the tooth were a loved one that had been traumatically ripped out of my life. I’m [...]