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Something about a list

This started as a comment on Prakky’s blog post regarding a list of twitter users in a local paper. I didn’t read the article or the list. And I gave @petstarr a bit of a ribbing the night before when she announced there’d be a list coming out, saying I was producing a list of [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 3

17.29 The past 24-30 hours has been somewhat of a blur and too much to recap on an iPhone keypad in the back of a reasonably bouncy vehicle. So because no one is reading this anyway, here’s a bullet list that may seem arbitrary and out of context but will serve as reminders for me [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 2

9.20 Well that was a shit night’s sleep if I ever had one. Woke up about 20 minutes before my 6.40 alarm. But what a lovely brisk morning it was. And what I love is how three guys can get up at 6.40, all shower, get dressed, have a cup of tea, play frisbee on [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 1

20.15 Had pizza dinner in Albury. Si now driving. I was banging out some Fountains of Wayne on the guitar then he tells TP “whip out my iPhone and put on some Led Zep”. What. The. But I see where he gets his 12-bar inspiration from. We’ve been in this car a long time. Been [...]