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Something about a list

This started as a comment on Prakky’s blog post regarding a list of twitter users in a local paper. I didn’t read the article or the list. And I gave @petstarr a bit of a ribbing the night before when she announced there’d be a list coming out, saying I was producing a list of [...]

Those crazy pagans!

Interesting discussion on 891 this morning with Matt & Dave discussing a local politician’s appearance and speech at a Midwinter dinner at a Masonic lodge. While not outwardly mocking the dinner or the timing thereof to coincide with the pagan celebration, I did detect a hint of Matt & Dave’s slightly superior smugness regarding the [...]

Rush hour

I used to work in the city. And yeah, I already mentioned this in a post. It’s just that it weighs so heavily on my mind, I’m hoping that writing about it will be a little cathartic. Mornings are all go in our house. There are kids to get up and dressed, lunches to pack, [...]

I just work here

I started a new job a little over a month ago. The actual job, where I sit down and do the actual work, isn’t too bad. But I’m now working north of the city. I live south of the city. So getting here, taking so long to get here, having to catch the bus rather [...]


I’ve often thought I should try liveblogging. If only for my own entertainment. But y’know… Firstly, at the time most liveblogworthy things are on, I’m usually getting kids to bed, loading the dishwasher and generally cleaning up the mess I’ve made earlier in the afternoon. Secondly, and probably more pertinently, I live in South Australia [...]

Hair cut

I didn’t take a lunch break today, so finished up a little early and used a bit of time at the end of the day to go and have my hair cut. I changed jobs a few weeks ago, so I’m on the other side of the city, which means the barbers’ shops in proximity [...]

Mobile internet: a good thing?

I love that I can post to my blog from on the train, or anywhere I might happen to be with my phone and half decent reception. When you throw alcohol into the mix however, it may not be such a good idea to give an idiot like me unfettered access to the realms of [...]

Rollin, rollin, rollin…

I get the Belair line train into the city most mornings. I met a work colleague at the station this morning and we got in the train together and were having a nice chat about work stuff; boring but interesting. The Adelaide public transport system, the rail network in particular, has a bit of a [...]

Lost and found

I was walking across town last night after work to meet my SO for a ride home. I was carrying my Holga, in case anything of photographic significance should have made itself apparent to me, and was trying to put my headphones on (or in) at the same time. My headphones are the in-ear type, [...]

Tongue numbing

For any readers outside South Australia, there’s been a recent crisis in this state’s hospital industry, with doctors and other specialists arguing over wage increases. Related story here. The issue has come to a head and many emergency doctors and staff have not just gone on strike but resigned their positions altogether. Take that! I’d [...]