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Road trip: Sydney. Day 3

17.29 The past 24-30 hours has been somewhat of a blur and too much to recap on an iPhone keypad in the back of a reasonably bouncy vehicle. So because no one is reading this anyway, here’s a bullet list that may seem arbitrary and out of context but will serve as reminders for me [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 2

9.20 Well that was a shit night’s sleep if I ever had one. Woke up about 20 minutes before my 6.40 alarm. But what a lovely brisk morning it was. And what I love is how three guys can get up at 6.40, all shower, get dressed, have a cup of tea, play frisbee on [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 1

20.15 Had pizza dinner in Albury. Si now driving. I was banging out some Fountains of Wayne on the guitar then he tells TP “whip out my iPhone and put on some Led Zep”. What. The. But I see where he gets his 12-bar inspiration from. We’ve been in this car a long time. Been [...]


I must have been in about year nine, sitting in some history or Australian studies class one April, when the teacher (not sure I remember which one) started telling us about what happened on Anzac Day. Sure, we all knew about it. As Australians, we’d been told about it since primary school: Gallipoli, the Ottomans, [...]

Sport: I’m just disinterested.

On the weekend, Cadel Evans won the Tour de France. Early in the week, Mia Freedman appeared on the Today show and gave her honest opinion on what she felt about it. I’m inclined to agree with her. I just made a comment on Lehmo’s blog and it ended up being so long that I [...]

(Cynical attempt to) fool media

A recent article in The Australian accuses the Australian Federal Police of releasing a story when “half the country’s media” was on strike. Now, fair call; it does seem a bit suss but the criticism is a bit rich. Obviously, the story wasn’t buried. At least one astute reporter picked it up. He asks in [...]

Maybe the Olympics weren’t so bad…

TV is so shit right now. It’s Sunday night and C is flicking between Dancing with People Who Can’t and Oz Idol. There was just a bit in Idol, where they were telling a big girl that she was about to get through and were kind of quizzing her on her weight. Can she take [...]


The ABC series The Hollowmen has only been running, what, five weeks? But it’s already become the journalistic cliché for all comparison to the goings on in government. There was a comparison in the Australian yesterday by Caroline Overington in her opening paragraph. I’ve heard or read countless comparisons in the last few weeks. Hell, [...]

I knew it was too good to be true

Just did my eTax thing for the 07/08 financial year. Looked like I was in for a pretty big refund for a minute there. Then I remembered I had a HECS debt. …did I say ‘refund’?

Please, no more naked kiddies (the wowsers are getting off on it)

Sometimes I get a bit riled up and do a bit of a dissertation on some current affair or other. It’s usually something that’s been in the media a while, usually to saturation point and I get a bit sick of that and feel compelled to share my oh-so-unique insights on it.I would do this [...]