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A funny thing that happened while I was naked

So this morning, I was about to hop in the shower, and so, y’know, I was undressing (control yourselves, ladies). I slipped off my tshirt and put it down, then I pulled down the briefs and let them fall to my feet. Now, you know that trick you do, where you take one foot out [...]

V, IV, III, II, I…

I was teaching Little Miss L the joy of Roman Numerals the other night. She’s 7 now, so after explaining the concept, she picked it up pretty well. Once she got the hang of how they worked, she insisted that I give her a quiz on them. So I drew up a page with two [...]

Low tech

I’m in Port Vincent for New Year’s. It’s a great place to be. On New Year’s Day there is a Gala Day, with street markets, lots of really shitty but tasty food, a big bouncy castle for the kidlets and really really bad entertainment played over an ancient PA. It’s brilliant. We’re staying with friends [...]

Choosing baby names (.com)

I have two daughters. They were born 2.5 years apart and the birth of my second roughly coincided with when gmail was starting up by invitation only and giving email addresses to blogger users. I thought, being the forward thinking type, it would be a good idea to sign my girls up right then. Sure, [...]


I was at the local brickbuster last weekend looking for something for the kids to watch. I had Little Miss L with me, who was turning her nose up at pretty much everything they had there as they were either old rubbish, good stuff that she’s seen before, or new rubbish, including the Bratz movies [...]


We all went to the Markets tonight and were buying meat from the butcher. Little Miss M saw the chevapchichis (I have no idea how to spell that) and said “Look at the salami fish fingers!” They’re so cute when they’re three.

You know you’re a parent when…

Sunday night, watching TV with C. Richard Roxborough’s girlfriend has just arrived from London. They’re having a conversation. C: What have I seen her in? Me: Playschool. C: Yeah, that’s it.

Ball sports and insects

Little Miss M said “there’s tennis”. I asked where She said in the mud. I said “In the mud?” “Yeah, there’s tennis in the mud. I can hear them.” I think she meant crickets


The slightly more significant other had a date to meet an old friend for brunch today. They had dinner last night and the old friend wanted to meet the little misses. C had picked clothes for both of them but Little Miss L, in one of her many bouts of stubbornness and feisty independence wasn’t [...]

Just say No to Bindeez

Little Miss L just had a birthday. She turned five. We bought her (and when I say ‘we’, I mean my wife and her mum went into Big W four months ago and put about $1ooo worth of stuff on lay-by) some of those ridiculous things called Bindeez. For a start, they wouldn’t have been [...]