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Unsociable habits

These are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. I can just imagine a hardened lecturer wearing a tight Tshirt with one of these held to their shoulder under the sleeve, and some junior tutor coming up to them in the refectory asking “Hey buddy, can I bum a Kafka?”

Lost and found

I was walking across town last night after work to meet my SO for a ride home. I was carrying my Holga, in case anything of photographic significance should have made itself apparent to me, and was trying to put my headphones on (or in) at the same time. My headphones are the in-ear type, [...]

Geek monkey

It’s not often I spruik software (or anyware) but I’m loving Media Monkey. I’ve thought for a while (as long as I’ve had an mp3 player that’s not an ipod) that there should be an easier way to contain a music library and synchronise songs and podcasts with my K800i. I don’t like itunes (for [...]

More on QR

So after writing yesterday about QR codes, I went to the letter box (I almost typed litter box then but had backspaced before I realised how apt it sounded) and got the junk mail. Among the specials on minced beef, cordless drills and label makers, there was a Tel$tra flyer, spruiking their (or should I [...]

Sales technique

I was home from work last Friday and actually answered the door to a guy selling something: insulation. For anything else I would have thanked him and bid him fond farewell but I happen to need insulation. It’s one of those next big jobs we have to do around the house. So I let him [...]

…and then, this morning

As I was running for the train, the fucker dropped out of my bag. So if anyone would like either a) a recently refurbished and button-flattened SE K800i, or b) to return said recently refurbished button-flattened SE K800i to me there’s one laying in the grass at the bottom of Hawthorndene Drive, just near where [...]

Button problems

I had to take my mobile phone back to the shop recently to have it fixed. It’s a K800i and the joystick was doing all sorts of weird shit, mostly registering a ‘centre’ button press whenever I was trying to push ‘down’. It went in just before Easter. They said it would be two weeks. [...]

Worst $12.50 I ever spent

My beeper/unlocker car thingy stopped working. So the other day I found myself walking past a locksmith, then walking back and walking in and asking if they could put another battery in. It cost me $12.50, which I thought was a little expensive but hey, putting a key in a lock and turning it… sorry, [...]

Christmas: what you make it

You can’t have Christmas—not a real Christmas—without those self-righteous types who say it’s all just one big money-grabbing fiesta by the retail sector. There was a letter in the paper the other day; something along the lines of “Oh, they didn’t move xmas to coincide with the pagan winter festival, they moved it to coincide [...]

No freebies?

How disappointing. I went to Haigh’s this arvo to buy some more Caramel Chocs (C loves them, so instead of flowers, I get her luxury chocoates). There was not a soul in the store and three people behind the counter. I brought my purchase to the counter and the girl expertly wrapped them in the [...]