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I must have been in about year nine, sitting in some history or Australian studies class one April, when the teacher (not sure I remember which one) started telling us about what happened on Anzac Day. Sure, we all knew about it. As Australians, we’d been told about it since primary school: Gallipoli, the Ottomans, [...]

Thoughts on Will & Kate

You wouldn’t have to have been under a rock, you’d have to have been buried under the crazy paving for a considerable amount of time not to know that today is the day Price William will marry Catherine (Kate) Middleton. I shall be watching the wedding on my television receiver. Not that I feel any [...]


The closing ceremony of the Olympics has just started and I’m tempted to liveblog the whole thing. I’m tempted; I should do it just for the exercise. But there are reasons for not doing it. In no particular order: I’ll have to put the sheets on the bed at some point It would be like [...]

Four years on…

I was thinking about writing a post on the Olympics until I realised I did that four years ago. Here, and here. Only the city has changed, really. And last night I watched handball.

China, shmina

I’m a little disappointed by the opening ceremony. I mean, if they wanted to compete with Sydney as being the best olympics ever, I’d at least have expected pandas on bikes.


There’s a growing number of people joining in protest over the Olympic games, soon to be held in China. I, for one, would like to add my voice to the chorus. I think the upcoming Olympic games should not only be boycotted by athletes everywhere, but be cancelled outright. Not so much for any political [...]


Fucking heatwave has warped the neck of my guitar. That’s it, I’m checking the insurance policy.

Hey, nice grass

I was involved in a wedding today. While the nuptials part of it is largely irrelevant, it did involve pre-dinner drinks at, and on, the Adelaide oval. There were a bunch of private-school boys involved as well. Honestly, if I’d heard the words “hallowed turf” one more time, I was going to glass someone.

See? It really does kill

I know the guy died, so I don’t want to sound nasty or cold or whatever, but I just can’t get my mind to bridge that gap between the government spending billions of dollars trying to persuade us not to speed, the money spent promoting a “sporting” event where people hop into supercharged cars with [...]


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m very, very sorry.