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So, you think?

First there was the Australian version of the American version of Idol. Then we had Ice Skating with People Who Have Been On TV, which nobody watched because we don’t really ice skate much in this harsh, hot land of ours. This was followed by Dancing with People You’ve Heard Of and So You Think [...]


I know I’m cynical about it, and I can’t believe that more people aren’t. I’m talking about whenever someone dies, the commercial news programs wheel out their slow-motion montages of the recently deceased, complete with inspirational wind-beneath-my-wings type power ballad as backup. There was one recently for a famous cricketer’s wife. And be assured, I’m [...]

Tongue numbing

For any readers outside South Australia, there’s been a recent crisis in this state’s hospital industry, with doctors and other specialists arguing over wage increases. Related story here. The issue has come to a head and many emergency doctors and staff have not just gone on strike but resigned their positions altogether. Take that! I’d [...]


It’s not often I feel compelled to devote a post to a bus journey but the trip from Avalon airport into the city was an absolute doozie. I’ve long had some kind of weird fascination for bus drivers, specifically coach drivers. On every school trip we went on, we’d call our bus driver Barry. The [...]

You go to the toilet, I’m trying to edit.

I’m working on a really big project right now. It’s a bastard. Lots of text, lots of pages, lots of people who need to be sure that a lot of the text on a lot of the pages says what they want it to say. I’m in the middle, trying to make sure it says [...]

Walk like a man

I think that sometimes you just have to resign yourself to the fact that you’ll never understand some people, and that that’s OK. I was walking through the city today and saw a person with long hair, wearing a dress and makeup, who clearly was a male. Usually you can tell by the jawline or [...]


I saw an ad for that new Will Smith movie, where he’s literally the last man left on earth. At least, he is in the ads; he probably meets someone else about halfway through so the movie has some kind of plot. It’d be pretty dull otherwise: get up, eat canned food for breakfast, go [...]

Christmas: what you make it

You can’t have Christmas—not a real Christmas—without those self-righteous types who say it’s all just one big money-grabbing fiesta by the retail sector. There was a letter in the paper the other day; something along the lines of “Oh, they didn’t move xmas to coincide with the pagan winter festival, they moved it to coincide [...]

Deck the halls

Here in .au, Halloween isn’t really that big, we don’t have thanksgiving and Guy Fawke’s night smouldered and eventually went out in the early 80s when you ceased to be allowed to buy fireworks over the counter. (Not sure if other .aulians celebrated that one much or if it was just my family on account [...]

Just say No to Bindeez

Little Miss L just had a birthday. She turned five. We bought her (and when I say ‘we’, I mean my wife and her mum went into Big W four months ago and put about $1ooo worth of stuff on lay-by) some of those ridiculous things called Bindeez. For a start, they wouldn’t have been [...]