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Between Marx and Marzipan

A few weeks ago, the household was taken over by Herbie-mania. This past week it’s been Poppins fever. When all the new releases have been taken out, you have to trawl through the weeklies and find something worth watching. This was. I think it’s one of the lines of Mary in the movie, she says [...]


I was at the local brickbuster last weekend looking for something for the kids to watch. I had Little Miss L with me, who was turning her nose up at pretty much everything they had there as they were either old rubbish, good stuff that she’s seen before, or new rubbish, including the Bratz movies [...]


I saw an ad for that new Will Smith movie, where he’s literally the last man left on earth. At least, he is in the ads; he probably meets someone else about halfway through so the movie has some kind of plot. It’d be pretty dull otherwise: get up, eat canned food for breakfast, go [...]

Comment on this post (because you can)

I haven’t been posting much of late (and that’s bad start to a post, right there). I thought that since I wasn’t getting any comments, then sod it, why bother. Turns out my template was screwed (Bad K2!) so nothing was happening in the comments department. Weird. But they work again now. In general newsiness, [...]