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The endgame of soup commercials

Soup commercials. Annoying. It’s been the same tinned recipe for ever. Someone presents soup for consumption, passed off as home made, done from scratch. Oh, this soup is so good. Where did you get the recipe? What? No! This can’t possibly be from a tin! Rinse. Repeat. I will now outline the bait and switch [...]


We all went to the Markets tonight and were buying meat from the butcher. Little Miss M saw the chevapchichis (I have no idea how to spell that) and said “Look at the salami fish fingers!” They’re so cute when they’re three.

My teddy bear

We had some Arnott’s assorted biscuits at work today. The girl I work with had her first teddy bear biscuit. Ever. She took it from the tin and said “ooh, these look a bit dodge…” and I said “what, have you never had one before?” And it’s not that she had been avoiding them all [...]

Christmas is over

So why aren’t there hot cross buns in the supermarkets yet?

No freebies?

How disappointing. I went to Haigh’s this arvo to buy some more Caramel Chocs (C loves them, so instead of flowers, I get her luxury chocoates). There was not a soul in the store and three people behind the counter. I brought my purchase to the counter and the girl expertly wrapped them in the [...]

Stout is good for you

There’s a health food eatery not too far from where I work. It’s not one of those places that has buckets of oats and barley out the front, it’s a place to go for lunch where they have heaps of home-made stuff, but really nicely cooked. I suppose not all of it’s “good for you”… [...]

Ich bin ein bin

One of the downsides to being a once-growing lad, is the assumption by all and sundry that just because you are a man with a healthy appetite, you’ll eat anything. I guess I’m not completely innocent as far as creating this assumption goes. I do remember sitting in the high school cafeteria one day at [...]

Jour de fête

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy Bastille Day to any Frenchies or Frenchie-loving non-Frenchies out there. Not being a Frenchie, my earliest and fondest memories of Bastille Day are from French classes in high school, where Miss Woodman would bring in French onion soup, or some chocolate and a loaf of bread. [...]

A quick bite

I was just down at the printers for a press check and it went pretty quickly so at 11.20 I was back at the front of the building, ten minutes before my car was due to pick me up. And I was a bit peckish, so I scanned the area and saw a milk bar [...]