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Thoughts on Will & Kate

You wouldn’t have to have been under a rock, you’d have to have been buried under the crazy paving for a considerable amount of time not to know that today is the day Price William will marry Catherine (Kate) Middleton. I shall be watching the wedding on my television receiver. Not that I feel any [...]

Well travelled

Why don’t people take me seriously? A colleague came into our area to ask an English colleague if it would take long to get from Kensington Palace to St. John’s Wood. Of course she asked the English staff member. She should know, right? Anyway, she ummed and aahhed and I thought ‘I’ve been to Abbey [...]

Setting the ball rolling

The wife and I have decided that living in the UK for a year or two might be a good idea. Because… y’know, the whole living once thing. It may prove difficult and impractical. It may take us away from loved ones and it may mean compromising on job security. There are a thousand reasons [...]