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I was tagged by Cellobella to write seven weird things about myself. I assume they have to be true (it’d be too easy otherwise, I suppose). I have metal plates in my face. I had a tripod fracture of the left cheekbone during a game of Ultimate. Then that tryhard, James Hird had to go [...]

Phone name

A while ago, I said how I was having fun trying to take pictures with my phone and send them via bluetooth to anyone within range. I’ve made a list of some of the more interesting phone names as I’ve scanned for victims. Here’s a selection: Crack Whore I love Tommy (fans of The Who??) [...]

Accept file?

I had an idea a while ago, that it would be great fun that whenever you’re in a crowded place, to take a photo of the general scene with your cameraphone, then see who’s in bluetooth range and just try sending it to people and see if they accept. I tried it the other night [...]


Ah you crazy internet kids with your cool bloggy ideas. It appears I have been “tagged” to come up with some sort of list or other about myself. Normally I don’t do these things because hey, I didn’t study journalism and language for years at uni and come out with two parchments to make up [...]

Edit your blog: digital toast

Edit your blog: digital toast This is either a clever, post-modern, self-referential gag on the nature of blogging …or it’s just me arseing around with only 5 minutes to go till home time.

You are not alone

Just googled digital toast and found two other sites using it as a name. There’s a guy in the UK who has posted some of his travel photos and another guy who has some kind of comic going on, with some bad photoshop graphics and Comic sans as his font (which is just not on). [...]