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Birthday wishes

“What do you want for your birthday?” Do you know what you want for yours? I have no idea. I’m like that at Christmas too. I usually make up stuff I need just so people don’t feel bad about not knowing what to get me: “Mmm, what I really need is a good set of [...]

Rush hour

I used to work in the city. And yeah, I already mentioned this in a post. It’s just that it weighs so heavily on my mind, I’m hoping that writing about it will be a little cathartic. Mornings are all go in our house. There are kids to get up and dressed, lunches to pack, [...]

Choosing baby names (.com)

I have two daughters. They were born 2.5 years apart and the birth of my second roughly coincided with when gmail was starting up by invitation only and giving email addresses to blogger users. I thought, being the forward thinking type, it would be a good idea to sign my girls up right then. Sure, [...]

Big jobs

I went on leave today. I have two whole weeks of anything other than work to look forward to. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and it’s almost a little scary how quickly it’s come around. Most of this week, I’ve even been in holiday mode: not getting too stressed about things, [...]


TC recently mentioned that her first job was as a checkout chick back in the days when you paid, and got paid, in cash. My first job was as a paperboy. I’d get up at the crack of too-early-to-be-out-of-bed, ride my bike across town, pick up 100 newspapers, ride to a different part of town, [...]

I knew it was too good to be true

Just did my eTax thing for the 07/08 financial year. Looked like I was in for a pretty big refund for a minute there. Then I remembered I had a HECS debt. …did I say ‘refund’?

A night to myself

Things I was going to do tonight tweak template some overdue photoshop work subsequent posting to flickr listen to new tunes play the bass guitar play the electric (non-bass) guitar play the acoustic guitar if it’s not too loud and might wake the kids drink Guinness, eat twisties and dark chocolate Things I’ve done so [...]


I know I’m cynical about it, and I can’t believe that more people aren’t. I’m talking about whenever someone dies, the commercial news programs wheel out their slow-motion montages of the recently deceased, complete with inspirational wind-beneath-my-wings type power ballad as backup. There was one recently for a famous cricketer’s wife. And be assured, I’m [...]

People see what they want to see

Just remembered I wrote this coming back from Melbourne last month At checkin, the lady asked me if I’d be willing to sit in an Emergency Exit seat. If the plane crashes they need someone who can open the door and heave it out of the aircraft. They’re looking for people who are a fit, [...]

Tongue numbing

For any readers outside South Australia, there’s been a recent crisis in this state’s hospital industry, with doctors and other specialists arguing over wage increases. Related story here. The issue has come to a head and many emergency doctors and staff have not just gone on strike but resigned their positions altogether. Take that! I’d [...]