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Master of my domain (or not …yet)

Two net-related things that annoy me recently: 1.Twitter. Or, more specifically, twitterspam. I wrote something about looking through stock images the other day and within a few hours, I was being followed by a company that was all about providing stock images. This is an interesting example, because although I hate the concept of trawling [...]

Choosing baby names (.com)

I have two daughters. They were born 2.5 years apart and the birth of my second roughly coincided with when gmail was starting up by invitation only and giving email addresses to blogger users. I thought, being the forward thinking type, it would be a good idea to sign my girls up right then. Sure, [...]

More on QR

So after writing yesterday about QR codes, I went to the letter box (I almost typed litter box then but had backspaced before I realised how apt it sounded) and got the junk mail. Among the specials on minced beef, cordless drills and label makers, there was a Tel$tra flyer, spruiking their (or should I [...]

QR as…

I discovered the very useful QR codes the other day. They’re a bit like barcodes, indeed they’re a type of bar code, only not so bar-like as actual bar codes, which seem to be composed solely of bars. These are two-dimensional bar codes, whereas barcode barcodes are only one-dimensional (when you think about it). The [...]

You know the rules and so do I

I just found out what rickrolling is. Fuck, that’s funny.

Internet and not internet

The red internet light came on, I think it was Tuesday night. It happens from time to time but usually fixes itself up after a few minutes. Like a watched pot though, you have to go into another room for a few mintues before you can come back and find the green light back on. [...]

What’s your vector, Victor?

For the discerning among you who know that raster images aren’t Bob Marley posters: VectorMagic | The Online Tool for Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion It’s quite good. And it’s free. Gotta love the internet.

Free pacman

Job search is in full swing. Though I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to procrastination. I just tried to log in to my preferred careers/jobs web site only to find they’re down for maintenance for 30 minutes. Graciously though, they put up a page telling you this, and give you a game of [...]

One of the first things I did when Gmail was released to bloggers, was to sign up my kids. Sure, they can’t read yet but I figure one day they’ll probably learn and will want to email their friends. So instead of them having usernames like littlemissl8382938576298 and little.miss.m09847au, I thought I’d get in early [...]

Naughty network!

I love [read: hate] how the media constantly tries to blame the internet for whatever it is that they think is wrong with the world. Last night on Channel 7 news, there was a story that started like this: The internet has been blamed for a 13-year-old girl running away with a man twice her [...]