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Where to begin. Or, where to pick up. Time is precious and this has always been the project I’ve dabbled at using the time that’s fallen between the cracks of Important Things. I kind of disappeared for a while though. I changed jobs and the way I had structured my time previous to that completely [...]

Forgot to put a title on this post

Thought I should put up some kind of notification along the lines of “we will resume normal service as soon as possible as we can” even though it’s a bit like me chopping down a tree in the forest, popping in some earplugs, getting out of the way and letting it fall. I will get [...]


Thanks, everyone, for the heads-up on the almost complete inoperability of this blog. I recently upgraded WordPress and it seems to be completely stuffed. So that’s great, isn’t it… 11.49 am …aaaaand we’re back


The closing ceremony of the Olympics has just started and I’m tempted to liveblog the whole thing. I’m tempted; I should do it just for the exercise. But there are reasons for not doing it. In no particular order: I’ll have to put the sheets on the bed at some point It would be like [...]

Four years on…

I was thinking about writing a post on the Olympics until I realised I did that four years ago. Here, and here. Only the city has changed, really. And last night I watched handball.

Comment on this post (because you can)

I haven’t been posting much of late (and that’s bad start to a post, right there). I thought that since I wasn’t getting any comments, then sod it, why bother. Turns out my template was screwed (Bad K2!) so nothing was happening in the comments department. Weird. But they work again now. In general newsiness, [...]

Lawful entry

Someone from a law firm in NSW had one of my pages on view for nearly 19 hours the other day. I don’t think I said anything defamatory. Should I be worried, do you think?

Ask Jeeves

I just found out from Bruce’s blog that Stephen Fry has started a blog. At first, I was a bit dubious. I’d never really come across any actual famous people’s blogs before and I wasn’t convinced it was him until I scrolled down and saw that he’d posted a picture of himself and placed his [...]


I just realised how much this site sucks in IE. And how I wish I cared.

Bloodletting will kill you!

I’ve had  Pepys’ Diary on RSS feed for a while now. I’d often tried to access this text in book form, I once tried to start reading it on the date the diary starts to keep in sync with it, but could never really discipline myself to read it every day. So I think a [...]