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Tongue numbing

For any readers outside South Australia, there’s been a recent crisis in this state’s hospital industry, with doctors and other specialists arguing over wage increases. Related story here. The issue has come to a head and many emergency doctors and staff have not just gone on strike but resigned their positions altogether. Take that! I’d [...]

Fair dinkum French

So I was in one of those faux French franchises the other day that sells cake and coffee. Mike’s Bakery doesn’t have that ring to it but if you translate it roughly into French, then you take on the gourmand associations of the Gallic people. And, you’d think, if you were going to pass yourself [...]

Black kettles

I both admire and loathe Alexander Downer. I admire that he’s educated and articulate and very well able to make a point; however I loathe that he seems unable to do so without coughing up a torrent of ad hominem invective. I was driving home tonight listening to PM. (Not to the PM: to the [...]


Phillip Adams, in his column in The Weekend Australian Magazine on Saturday, used the expression ‘comprised of’. And I thought he was so intellectual.

Am I first?

I know there will be (and probably already has been – I’ve been a little slow on the uptake of late) a lot of opinionating and joke-making about the foiled car bombs in London recently. (And it okay to make jokes because no one died). Now, because it was allegedly doctors behind the bombs, can [...]

Tiny laff

I know the joke has been made many many times, about how some words end in -ough and have different pronunciations. In fact, I think I read somewhere that the word duff is derivative of the word dough. Or was it the other way around? That aside, for some reason I seem to be gaining [...]