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Incisive hat-tip

I’ve just fallen in love with Erin Kissane at for doing, on a much more regular basis, that which I never really had time to do over at Grammar Nazi. I especially love her coining of the word English-ish, which so economically describes most of what we read in business and marketing communications. It [...]

More on QR

So after writing yesterday about QR codes, I went to the letter box (I almost typed litter box then but had backspaced before I realised how apt it sounded) and got the junk mail. Among the specials on minced beef, cordless drills and label makers, there was a Tel$tra flyer, spruiking their (or should I [...]

QR as…

I discovered the very useful QR codes the other day. They’re a bit like barcodes, indeed they’re a type of bar code, only not so bar-like as actual bar codes, which seem to be composed solely of bars. These are two-dimensional bar codes, whereas barcode barcodes are only one-dimensional (when you think about it). The [...]

The only Conchords fan

Just got this link from a friend. A treat for Flight of the Conchords fans.

I’m pointing a gub at you

Looks like someone did what Woody Allen couldn’t get right.

What’s your vector, Victor?

For the discerning among you who know that raster images aren’t Bob Marley posters: VectorMagic | The Online Tool for Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion It’s quite good. And it’s free. Gotta love the internet.

No one told Pollock to make the logo bigger

Firstly, I’ve lifted the title for this post from a post on The Bleat. Just wanted to get that out there. It’s one of those examples where someone else has already summed up how you feel about something and no matter how hard you try you just couldn’t really improve on it. The reason for [...]

Ask Jeeves

I just found out from Bruce’s blog that Stephen Fry has started a blog. At first, I was a bit dubious. I’d never really come across any actual famous people’s blogs before and I wasn’t convinced it was him until I scrolled down and saw that he’d posted a picture of himself and placed his [...]

Just noticeable difference

I guess it’s an important part of advertising, and perhaps life in general, to be the best at something. Product A may be the best because it removes more dirt from dirty clothes than product B (assuming we’re talking washing powder). But what if product C does a job that’s 95% as good as A [...]

Bloodletting will kill you!

I’ve had  Pepys’ Diary on RSS feed for a while now. I’d often tried to access this text in book form, I once tried to start reading it on the date the diary starts to keep in sync with it, but could never really discipline myself to read it every day. So I think a [...]