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Who’s had ankle surgery?

Has anyone out there had ankle surgery in the last 2-3 years? I may have to go under the knife (hacksaw, hammer, drill) soon, but want to know what my options are. I’m looking for helpful comments on: Why you needed surgery What procedure you had done Which doctor did it (particularly if you’re in [...]


When you buy airline tickets online, they always seem to charge you more than the sum total of the price there + price back fares. I just booked my flights to Melbourne next month (well, one flight to Melbourne, the other one to back here) and they charged me a ‘paying by credit card’ charge, [...]

I drew this

I’m not much of cartoonist but I had this idea and it could only really be done as a cartoon, or a comedy sketch (which are much harder to blog, so you get the cartoon). Ask if you need me to explain it.

Toilet humour

There’s a long-standing joke, or idea or something that when a man goes to the toilet in a public urinal, if there’s someone already there, he will stand as far away as possible from the other person. I’m sure this forms the basis of many second-rate stand-up comedians’ material: “If he’s standing at one end, [...]

Locked out

Has anyone seen my keys? Sunday night… they were in an empty tissue box. Nearly put them out with the recycling.