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I’ve often thought I should try liveblogging. If only for my own entertainment. But y’know… Firstly, at the time most liveblogworthy things are on, I’m usually getting kids to bed, loading the dishwasher and generally cleaning up the mess I’ve made earlier in the afternoon. Secondly, and probably more pertinently, I live in South Australia [...]

Geek monkey

It’s not often I spruik software (or anyware) but I’m loving Media Monkey. I’ve thought for a while (as long as I’ve had an mp3 player that’s not an ipod) that there should be an easier way to contain a music library and synchronise songs and podcasts with my K800i. I don’t like itunes (for [...]

Between Marx and Marzipan

A few weeks ago, the household was taken over by Herbie-mania. This past week it’s been Poppins fever. When all the new releases have been taken out, you have to trawl through the weeklies and find something worth watching. This was. I think it’s one of the lines of Mary in the movie, she says [...]

The only Conchords fan

Just got this link from a friend. A treat for Flight of the Conchords fans.

Get back

I think about time travel a lot. Mostly about what I’d do if I found myself in another time and what I’d do, knowing what I know, to get filthy rich. It would be easy to know what the next big thing was going to be if you knew what it was. And I’m not [...]


As I drove across town last night, I was in endless pursuit of something decent to listen to on the radio. Y’know… when you’re in that mood and you don’t want to listen to news or talk, you just want to find something you like, maybe even something a little cheesy, that you can belt [...]


Fucking heatwave has warped the neck of my guitar. That’s it, I’m checking the insurance policy.

Performance anxiety

I used to be quite the entertainer. I grew up in both a family that was fairly musical and a community that had a lot of amateur theatre groups. I guess it was inevitable that I would get caught up in it all. I started my life in music as a drummer. Our music teacher [...]

Ben Lee is a genius

Men are stupid. World leaders are a given but you don’t have to look any further than the TV to see how men are held in contempt for their utter numbskulliness. There’s the “Honey, have you seen my pants?” ad where stupid man is unable to dress himself without superior flower-pot-on-head-wearing woman. There’s the man-washes-car-part-in-dishwasher [...]

By george

Went to ‘The Write Stuff’ last night. Part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts and a really lame attempt at a humorous event title celebrating the best of Australia’s songwriters. The bill comprised Mark Seymour, george, and The Whitlams. Being an H&C fan from way back, I was a bit disappointed that Mark Seymour was [...]