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Sport: I’m just disinterested.

On the weekend, Cadel Evans won the Tour de France. Early in the week, Mia Freedman appeared on the Today show and gave her honest opinion on what she felt about it. I’m inclined to agree with her. I just made a comment on Lehmo’s blog and it ended up being so long that I [...]

Thoughts on Will & Kate

You wouldn’t have to have been under a rock, you’d have to have been buried under the crazy paving for a considerable amount of time not to know that today is the day Price William will marry Catherine (Kate) Middleton. I shall be watching the wedding on my television receiver. Not that I feel any [...]

You can’t really tell I’m crippled

Firstly, mind the look of the place. This blog is like most people’s spare room at the moment. Nobody comes in here much, it’s a bit of a mess but there’s definitely a plan to fix the place up a bit. That said, Christmas is coming and with all the weekends pretty much booked out [...]

It ain’t broke (but it ain’t fixed either)

This week marked my auspicious return to the volleyball court. I had forgotten which year it was that I last slipped on the knee pads but due to the magic of putting a lot of work into writing a blog since 2003, I can simply go back in time and see that my operation was [...]

Four years on…

I was thinking about writing a post on the Olympics until I realised I did that four years ago. Here, and here. Only the city has changed, really. And last night I watched handball.


So where was I? Yeah, that’s right, I went to Melbourne then came home and sort of just fell asleep. Melbourne was great. Good to be back in my home state. I don’t know what to make of myself sometimes because I don’t often feel very Australian and despite, or probably because of, my football-filled [...]


There’s a growing number of people joining in protest over the Olympic games, soon to be held in China. I, for one, would like to add my voice to the chorus. I think the upcoming Olympic games should not only be boycotted by athletes everywhere, but be cancelled outright. Not so much for any political [...]

A goal… wow… how exciting

Growing up, I played a lot of competitive sport. When I got a bit of coordination about me, sometime in early high school, I took up Australian Rules football, then moved on to volleyball quite early and gave footy the flick before I turned 16. For a while I was a bad sportsman (which I [...]


I don’t know what to say. But not in the way you think I don’t know what to say. There are so many things that the Aus v Ita result brings to mind. That everything from here on in is a cliché, that sport really brings out the ugliest in people, whether it’s in victory [...]

Why I love the Olympics

Firstly, SBS! How fantastic is it to see sports you wouldn’t normally get to see on Australian television. Hockey, softball, and my personal favorite: volleyball. It’s great to see volleyball on TV almost every night. And it’s about time. I don’t recall seeing it shown from the Sydney Olympics. In fact I’d go so far [...]