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Road trip: Sydney. Day 3

17.29 The past 24-30 hours has been somewhat of a blur and too much to recap on an iPhone keypad in the back of a reasonably bouncy vehicle. So because no one is reading this anyway, here’s a bullet list that may seem arbitrary and out of context but will serve as reminders for me [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 2

9.20 Well that was a shit night’s sleep if I ever had one. Woke up about 20 minutes before my 6.40 alarm. But what a lovely brisk morning it was. And what I love is how three guys can get up at 6.40, all shower, get dressed, have a cup of tea, play frisbee on [...]

Road trip: Sydney. Day 1

20.15 Had pizza dinner in Albury. Si now driving. I was banging out some Fountains of Wayne on the guitar then he tells TP “whip out my iPhone and put on some Led Zep”. What. The. But I see where he gets his 12-bar inspiration from. We’ve been in this car a long time. Been [...]

Low tech

I’m in Port Vincent for New Year’s. It’s a great place to be. On New Year’s Day there is a Gala Day, with street markets, lots of really shitty but tasty food, a big bouncy castle for the kidlets and really really bad entertainment played over an ancient PA. It’s brilliant. We’re staying with friends [...]

It ain’t broke (but it ain’t fixed either)

This week marked my auspicious return to the volleyball court. I had forgotten which year it was that I last slipped on the knee pads but due to the magic of putting a lot of work into writing a blog since 2003, I can simply go back in time and see that my operation was [...]

People see what they want to see

Just remembered I wrote this coming back from Melbourne last month At checkin, the lady asked me if I’d be willing to sit in an Emergency Exit seat. If the plane crashes they need someone who can open the door and heave it out of the aircraft. They’re looking for people who are a fit, [...]


It’s not often I feel compelled to devote a post to a bus journey but the trip from Avalon airport into the city was an absolute doozie. I’ve long had some kind of weird fascination for bus drivers, specifically coach drivers. On every school trip we went on, we’d call our bus driver Barry. The [...]

Is this working? (Melbourne edition)

Why can’t I post from my phone? Later…So after typing a whole post in the departure lounge at Adl airport on my tiny tiny phone keypad in Opera mini, and trying to save it about 20 times and trying to publish it about 20 times and nothing happening, the above was what I actually managed [...]