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Thoughts on Will & Kate

You wouldn’t have to have been under a rock, you’d have to have been buried under the crazy paving for a considerable amount of time not to know that today is the day Price William will marry Catherine (Kate) Middleton. I shall be watching the wedding on my television receiver. Not that I feel any [...]

The endgame of soup commercials

Soup commercials. Annoying. It’s been the same tinned recipe for ever. Someone presents soup for consumption, passed off as home made, done from scratch. Oh, this soup is so good. Where did you get the recipe? What? No! This can’t possibly be from a tin! Rinse. Repeat. I will now outline the bait and switch [...]


I’ve often thought I should try liveblogging. If only for my own entertainment. But y’know… Firstly, at the time most liveblogworthy things are on, I’m usually getting kids to bed, loading the dishwasher and generally cleaning up the mess I’ve made earlier in the afternoon. Secondly, and probably more pertinently, I live in South Australia [...]

Maybe the Olympics weren’t so bad…

TV is so shit right now. It’s Sunday night and C is flicking between Dancing with People Who Can’t and Oz Idol. There was just a bit in Idol, where they were telling a big girl that she was about to get through and were kind of quizzing her on her weight. Can she take [...]

Four years on…

I was thinking about writing a post on the Olympics until I realised I did that four years ago. Here, and here. Only the city has changed, really. And last night I watched handball.


The ABC series The Hollowmen has only been running, what, five weeks? But it’s already become the journalistic cliché for all comparison to the goings on in government. There was a comparison in the Australian yesterday by Caroline Overington in her opening paragraph. I’ve heard or read countless comparisons in the last few weeks. Hell, [...]

China, shmina

I’m a little disappointed by the opening ceremony. I mean, if they wanted to compete with Sydney as being the best olympics ever, I’d at least have expected pandas on bikes.

So, you think?

First there was the Australian version of the American version of Idol. Then we had Ice Skating with People Who Have Been On TV, which nobody watched because we don’t really ice skate much in this harsh, hot land of ours. This was followed by Dancing with People You’ve Heard Of and So You Think [...]

The only Conchords fan

Just got this link from a friend. A treat for Flight of the Conchords fans.

And hey, hey, hey… there goes Richard

So the miners have been rescued, which is lovely for them. Most networks ran long with this story last night because it was payoff time. This was a network’s wet dream. It had all the elements of drama, suspense, touches of humour and poignant sadness. No wonder every on-air personality was there covering it. Now [...]