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Something about a list

This started as a comment on Prakky’s blog post regarding a list of twitter users in a local paper. I didn’t read the article or the list. And I gave @petstarr a bit of a ribbing the night before when she announced there’d be a list coming out, saying I was producing a list of [...]

Incisive hat-tip

I’ve just fallen in love with Erin Kissane at for doing, on a much more regular basis, that which I never really had time to do over at Grammar Nazi. I especially love her coining of the word English-ish, which so economically describes most of what we read in business and marketing communications. It [...]

You go to the toilet, I’m trying to edit.

I’m working on a really big project right now. It’s a bastard. Lots of text, lots of pages, lots of people who need to be sure that a lot of the text on a lot of the pages says what they want it to say. I’m in the middle, trying to make sure it says [...]